Virtual reality home tours are a game-changer! What do we all want more of? Two of the most common comments are TIME and MONEY. Home buyers, I can save you 85% of the time the average person spends looking for a new home. Home sellers, I can save you time, too!

This new method of virtually showing homes is perfect for out-of-town buyer clients AND folks who are just plain b.u.s.y.! Read about how virtual reality home tours are changing the entire home buying experience for the ultimate out-of-town buyer, the military buyer, here.

Why spend your time and energy driving around looking at properties when many of them end up being not right for you? With busy schedules, unpredictable weather, traffic, cranky kids, errands that need to get done, etc., that’s not a good use of your time. Instead, with my smart and innovative virtual reality home tours program, I record organic virtual reality home tour videos for properties you’re interested in and load them into a private portal. You then view the properties in 3D from the comfort of your own home. Virtually tour the property with me, with my commentary (just like we were looking at the home together), from your smart phone, computer, tablet or VR goggles! All your personalized virtual home tours are saved in a private portal where you, and whomever else is part of your home buying decision-making team, can comment on them. When you view a property that looks like a winner we schedule a showing to take a look at the home in person! 


We all need more time, so let’s make good use of yours! Streamline your house hunting process and know that you’re only looking at the cream of the crop in terms of homes. Don’t let time constraints keep you from finding the perfect property. Virtual reality home tours use technology to make YOUR life easier!

Virtual reality home tours are a game-changer for sellers, too! Do you want your listing to stand out in the crowd? 3D virtual reality home tours do just that. Stand out in the crowd! The internet is the “first showing” of any property for sale. Make sure that you are giving your potential buyers what they want–a “real deal” look at your property. If you miss the mark with your digital internet marketing you’re losing potential buyers. Beautiful professional photography, AND a true virtual reality home tour is the way to go. As an added bonus would you like to know the time you’ve spent cleaning and leaving your house is for a showing is for a GREAT REASON? When you list your home for sale with me you’ll know that potential buyers have had the opportunity to virtually home tour your property and think that it’s a strong contender for what they hope find in a future home. 

As the first, and currently only agent in the greater Iowa City market to offer my clients virtual reality home tours, I provide an unparalleled level of service you just can’t get elsewhere. As a gift to you, I offer virtual reality goggles to clients for the most immersive viewing experience. Give me a call and let’s open an exclusive portal for your virtual house hunting experience! My commitment service and positive outcomes doesn’t end at the conclusion of a virtual reality home tours videos. I strive to make my clients’ entire transactions as stress-free and seamless as possible. Take a look at some of my clients’ reviews here!

Check out my brief tutorial about how a virtual reality home tour works below. Let me know if you have questions. I look forward to hearing from you! Virtual reality home tours are the smart and savvy way to reach your real estate goals faster.