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At Home In Iowa City

Iowa City--Vibrant Hub of the Eastern Iowa Corridor

Iowa City, nestled in the rolling hills of Iowa, is the vibrant hub of a bustling population and area of innovation. This area in eastern Iowa, which is called the ICR Corridor, is home to nearly half million residents and includes communities in seven counties, including Johnson County, home of Iowa City. Communities in the ICR Corridor are dedicated to economic progress, workforce development and fostering a culture of innovation. Iowa City blends the best of college town charm and amazing amenities of a growing metropolitan area including a the University of Iowa, a Big 10 University, world-class healthcare facilities through the University of Iowa Healthcare and Clinics, a vibrant arts and music scene, a lively downtown with curated local shops, ped mall and restaurants. The community’s vibe is hip and creative thanks to the area’s local movers and shakers, cultural diversity and our vested interest in literature, music, arts and entertainment.

Liveable Iowa City

Why should you call Iowa City home?

Our community has the habit of drawing people in through the educational opportunities at the University of Iowa, but then when it comes time to graduate, many folks choose to stay in town. Why? Plain and simple, Iowa City shines as a well-rounded place to live. The University of Iowa is a major economic driver and top employer in town. The city’s other major employers are a mix of corporate headquarters, health care and education. To learn more about the cost of living in Iowa City, check out this YouTube video I created on the topic here. Iowa City boats one of the highest ranking school districts in the state. The ever-growing Iowa City Community School District includes the communities of Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty and Hills. Learn more about the ICCSD here.

Iowa City boasts a wide variety of neighborhoods from quiet, charming and historic to condos in bustling urban centers. There are a variety of price points for people interested in owning their own home. With 42 parks and natural areas scattered throughout area neighborhoods, everyone has space to roam and play, in fact 99.4% of Iowa City residents live within .5 miles of open public space. Learn more about our area parks, open spaces and trails here.

Many people value our public transportation system in order to give the environment a break, cut down on parking expenses, and/or reduce commuting worries. The Iowa City public transit system works closely with the transit services of Coralville and the University of Iowa to make riders’ experiences as seamless as possible. Get the details on routes and stops here.

Iowa Citians love to have a good time! There is no shortage of things to do, including the Summer of the Arts, which encompasses Friday Night Concert Series, Iowa City Jazz Festival, Free Movie Series and Iowa Soul Festival. Read more about it here. Other fun activities include Sodafest, Northside Oktoberfest, Iowa City Book Festival, an amazing farmers’ market, holiday markets, craft fairs, parades and more!

A city’s downtown is vital to its community vitality. Iowa City values its downtown scene, and ours is a gathering spot for locals and university students alike looking for retail shopping experiences, eating and drinking establishments, culture, art and entertainment. Our downtown expands outward from the pedestrian mall, an area free from cars which allows people to mingle, shop and play. Just about every street in downtown hosts excellent dining options and unique shopping finds. Downtown is also home to a large playground, art galleries, the historic Englert Theatre, public art works, the Iowa City Public Library and more. Get a little slice of the downtown pie here.

Iowa City by the Numbers

How does it stack up?

According to 2010 census data, 67,862 called Iowa City home, and its estimated population for 2017 was 75,798. The median age in Iowa City is 26.2, but that youthful number is heavily influenced by people who live in town during their college careers. According to the Iowa City Area Association of Realtors, the average single family home price (Jan. 2017-Jan. 2018) was $294,675, while the median was $262,500 (Need a reminder about the difference between average and median? Brush up on your math terms here.) In terms of condos, the average price was $200,553, and the median sale price was $175,000. The average days on market was 60 days.

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